What is FoundChain

Leading A Trustless Revolution

FOUNDCHAIN’s vision is the establishment of a trustless (meaning require little or no trust) ecosystem whereby no single actor holds all the trust to mediate as a “Middleman”.

FOUNDCHAIN (FCHAIN) is a decentralized network that focuses on empowering “The Middle Man” in its ecosystem. A middleman is a person in the network who connects nodes to increase the value of that network.

Multiple platforms will be originated that may utilize FCHAIN (FOUNDCHAIN digital token) and by embedding trust in codes via smart contracts and algorithms, “Middleman” including users, providers, connectors and other stakeholders on those platforms will be empowered.

Supported by Master Nodes (MN) and Proof of Stake (PoS), FOUNDCHAIN aims to initiate or join with other parties to create multiple platforms that enhances seamless interactions with FCHAIN the underlying digital token.


Governance Stamped In Code

To establish a trustless ecosystem, multiple platforms (start-ups or partnerships) which may be separate entities will be created.

These creations are positioned to have improvements that provide greater opportunities that will make its participants lives easy.

FOUNDCHAIN network may serve as the central hub with multiple platforms as spokes that utilize FCHAIN (digital token of the network) to streamline interactions and enable rewards to be split in a fair manner.

Platform governance rules may be embedded in code resulting in low transaction cost and this may attract “The Middleman” of all sorts including developers, partners, providers, users, agents, and other stakeholders.

Network effect may be triggered as more platforms and applications are created in FOUNDCHAIN’s eco-system thereby increasing the value of the FOUNDCHAIN network.

By identifying gaps between different platforms and designing bridges that link them in a positive manner, unprecedented benefits may also be derived further increasing the value of the network as a whole.

FoundChain Eco System

Extending FOUNDCHAIN Community

FOUNDCHAIN Community is the bedrock of FOUNDCHAIN ecosystem. Initial Community including FOUNDCHAIN team were made up of the Community of an abandon digital currency. They have one theme in common, to pursue a viable project using blockchain technology that will make others’ lives easy.

FOUNDCHAIN Community initially comprises of FCHAIN holders across the globe who run nodes or stake FCHAIN in their wallets, thereby providing transparency and trust validating blocks of transactions. For their commitment, they receive regular rewards in FCHAIN.

FOUNDCHAIN’s vision whereby multiple platforms are established in its ecosystem utilizing FCHAIN is to make the lives of Communities around the globe easy.
These Communities will stretch and touch Communities of other brands beyond that of FOUNDCHAIN decentralized network and in the process enable those brands to support and enrich lives of their communities in a less effort way.


Empowering the Middleman

There are countless examples where trust is given to a single actor – “The middleman”. The middleman usually takes most of the benefits such as income from adverts charge on their platforms and does not give anything back to its users. FOUNDCHAIN thinks that is wrong and wants to change that.

Multi-Sided Platforms

FOUNDCHAIN will create platforms that add value by facilitating transactions and enabling direct interactions between two or more customer bases. Unlike most current multi-sided platforms, FOUNDCHAIN will distribute benefits fairly to all participants

Network Effects

Network effect in terms of FOUNDCHAIN is simply the increase in value of the platform as more users come on board. The proposition of sharing income generated with users of the platform among other participants has a strong pull effect that will attract users to the platform.

Special Purpose Vehicles

In order to replace “The middleman” and redistribute benefits fairly, FCHAIN may seek finance and other resources as well as share risks through setting up “Special Purpose Vehicles”. A Special Purpose vehicle is a legal entity created for a limited purpose including reducing risks and raising capital. FOUNDCHAIN community will have the opportunity to invest in these Special purpose Vehicles.


FOUNDCHAIN may start-up or join forces with other parties to improve existing or create unprecedented applications and platforms that will make it easy for its participants. These improvements and creations will upset the current trust settings and provide greater opportunities as well as more equitable distribution of rewards for all parties involved.


FCHAIN Tokenization

FCHAIN is the digital token ticker for FOUNDCHAIN. Its main deployment will be utilization on multiple platforms.

These multiple platforms that will be created may involve seeking finance among others and FOUNDCHAIN Community will be given the opportunity to invest. Mainstream projects usually rely on seeking finance based on only 2 decimal place currencies making the lowest sum to invest in those projects very high and unaffordable. FCHAIN token is to 8 decimal places and this will allow huge investment requirements to be broken down into affordable amounts.

FOUNDCHAIN Community may also be able to participate by making suggestions and voting in matters that are focused on pursuing its vision.


Best Features

FOUNDCHAIN network is more energy efficient than other Proof of Work (PoW) cryptocurrencies due to the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. A network of Master Nodes (MN) maintain the FOUNDCHAIN blockchain. It incorporates budget funding where 10% of block reward for a month is generated in a super block.

Ultra Fast & Secure

  • Swift Instant transactions
  • Encrypted Wallets
  • Bip 38 tool

Reliable & Low Cost

  • Zero Fee Transaction Possible
  • Wallet Auto Backups

Other Features

  • Decentralized Budgets
  • Muliti Signature Wallets
  • Coin Control Features


Smart Tech Social Platform

Target platforms include a smart tech video platform (social media) where users can showcase their smart gadgets or provide a review.

  •  Users can monetize their contents they load unto the platform based on how much other users find it useful plus may also get a share of the platform revenue.
  •  Suppliers can showcase their products or sell them on the platform. Suppliers will also have a better direct interaction with users.
  •  Each platform will have its own network but the underlying ticker will be FCHAIN that executes rules embedded in code with relevant interactions eventually logged on the FOUNDCHAIN network.
  • FOUNDCHAIN Team are currently in early discussions with an application platform expert firm to design the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and the creation of the social media platform.
Foundchain Specifications


  • Coin Name FOUNDCHAIN
  • Ticker FCHAIN
  • Coin Type PoS / MN
  • Algorithm Quark, Sw TX
  • Block Reward 01 -10
  • Masternode Collateral 500 FCHAIN
  • Reward Distribution MN 60% / PoS 30% / Budget 10%
  • Staking Maturity 2 Hours
  • Max Supply 18,521,674
  • Premine 4.99%
Foundchain Rewards

Block Rewards

  • Block 0 - 500 850 FCHAIN (Pre-Mine)
  • Block 501 - 1000 1000 FCHAIN (Pre-Mine)
  • Block 1001 - 11956 6 FCHAIN
  • Block 11957 - 22912 8 FCHAIN
  • Block 22913 - 44827 10 FCHAIN
  • Block 44828 - 66742 8 FCHAIN
  • Block 66743 - 88957 6 FCHAIN
  • Block 88658 - 110572 4 FCHAIN
  • Block 110573 - 2214412 2 FCHAIN
  • Block 2214412- 14837452 1 FCHAIN

Premine & Operating Budgets



FChain Pre-Sale

Masternodes Pre-sale

By acquiring and using FCHAIN, you understand and acknowledge the risks involved in dealing with virtual currencies or tokens and in particular FCHAIN.

FOUNDCHAIN community may be given the opportunity to invest in the platforms to be created by Special Purpose Vehicles.

Special consideration may be given to those that purchased Masternodes (MN) at pre-sale phase 2 stage for investment in the first platform. It is very important to purchase MN’s only through formal channels. Please read terms of sale document at bottom of page before buying a masternode.

3 August 2018

15 Days

Early BirdSaleCLOSED
18 August 2018

25 Days

Pre-SaleStage 1CLOSED
21 September 2018

35 Days

Pre-SaleStage 2CLOSED

Road Map

2018 Q3
  • Concept Generation & Core Team Formation
  • Network & Explorer Launch
  • Bitcoin Talk & Website Initial Launch
  • Pre-Sale (First & Second Phase)
  • Marketing - Social Media Platforms/Bounties
  • New Exchange Listing
2018 Q4
  • Initial White Paper Release
  • Additional Exchange Listing
  • Shared Masternode Partnership
  • Mobile Wallet Development
  • Research Other Use Cases
  • Team Verification
2019 Q1
Funding & Partnerships
  • Network Code Audit
  • White Paper Update
  • Partnership Matching Exercise
  • Funding Activities
  • Mobile Wallet Launch
2019 Q2
  • Partnership Announcement
  • Platform Developments
  • Additional Exchange Listing
  • Budget Allocation / Spend Report
  • Marketing Initiatives
  • Research and Other Developments

Leading A Trustless Revolution

FOUNDCHAIN TEAM have one theme in common, to pursue a viable project using blockchain technology that will makes others lives easy.

Nana A

Discord Name: Paps#8492

Chad L

Discord Name: Chad#5214

James D
Lead Blockchain Developer

Community Manager#3303

Bhupesh Kumar V
Blockchain Developer

Discord Name: DeltaX#3303

Rit E
Lead Operations

Discord Name : RitE#6713

Sirat H
Community Management

Discord Name : SiratHashimi#4699

Panom K
Community Management

Discord Name : NewMan#0844

Branimir M
Team Development

Discord Name : kingkong#8843

Christopher D
Tech Support

Discord : Thanos Saves#6954

James O
Tech Support

Discord Name : ozziej#4031

Adam B

Discord : CanadianCrypto#3725

Advisors To Be Appointed Soon

Advisor 1

Discord Name :

Advisor 2

Discord Name :


Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.

Whitepaper - Coming Soon
Lite Paper
Privacy Policy
Terms of Sales

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some frequently asked questions.
Please contact us at discord https://discord.gg/Mh3Vjpt if you have any more questions.

MN is a computer wallet or full node that supports the blockchain network by hosting a full copy of the blockchain ledger in real time. In return, the MN will receive crypto coins as a reward.

PoS is also a computer wallet or node but not necessarily a full node, that supports the blockchain depending on how much more coins one hold. The more you hold, the more mining power you have.

FCHAIN may rely on sourcing finance and mitigating risks through Special Purpose Vehicles. White paper to be released in Q4 2018 will have more details.

A legal entity created for a limited purpose including the acquisition and/or financing of a project.

Master Node (MN) prices for each stage of presale is different. Best to check from discord https://discord.gg/qQ5b43 for the current presale price.

Most if not all current team members where members of Apeiron community which was sadly abandoned. These Apeiron community members attempted to takeover Apeiron but did not get the cooperation of some of the exchanges. Subsequently a new block chain with a new vision was created and an optional offer was given to Apeir holders

FCHAIN is the ticker and represents the digital currency on FOUNDCHAIN network

The maximum supply is 18,521,674 FCHAIN

FOUNDCHAIN (FCHAIN) is a decentralized network which is supported by Master Nodes (MN) and Proof of Stake (PoS) Consensus mechanism